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About us

The XX Corporation is not an agency. The XX Corporation doesn’t do PR. It doesn’t do marketing.

For investors in and founders of technology and healthcare startups, the XX Corporation offers you an alternative to conventional PR and marketing agencies.

Starting from a journalistic mindset we help you tell more meaningful stories about your business and products.

  • Well-told stories are at the heart of selling.
  • Well-told stories make you and your company more appealing.
  • Well-told stories don’t sound like they have come straight from the mouth of a PR person or a marketeer.

The XX Corporation is allergic to buzzwords. We put together small, flexible teams focused on effectively telling your story. We help you tell the right story at the right time in the right medium.

A coherent story is broadcast through every action you take from product design through to customer service. This builds greater value for customers, partners and investors.

Facts may convince people but they don’t inspire them to act; to do that, you must wrap your vision in a story that stirs their very soul.

“80% of CEOs believe their products are differentiated
but only 8% of consumers agree”

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Working with The XX Corporation means:

  • Lower costs
    Our business model means you don’t pay for fancy office and staff costs unrelated to your project
  • We put together teams of experienced professionals tailored to the demands of your project
  • You get the best people working on your project (not the office juniors)
  • Companies executing with well-crafted stories:
    • spend x3 less on media
    • create more social media buzz
    • achieve higher valuations

What we do


Live event editorial

We deliver content in both print and online form that is fresh, original and represents your voice and goals. Unlike some companies who lock down their content long before an event we ensure that printed materials can be produced just before, during and just after events.

At Dublin Web Summit 2013 we delivered 4,000 printed magazines under a custom-made brand, The Peak, which were written, designed and produced during the event. Our coverage also included live blogging, social media and video.

Engaging video and editorial

Our team includes experienced writers, directors and videographers. We produce video content that is highly-shareable, fun and engaging. Our video makers are always teamed with editorial writers and work closely with the client before a second of footage is captured.

At Dublin Web Summit 2013, Laura’s Rock Paper Scissors vs Tony Hawk video (watch it below) hit over 10,000 views in two days and was featured by numerous international and national publications. Similarly, with audio, our team has years of experience in producing podcasts for brands including Stuff Magazine and Q, broadcasting to thousands of subscribers.

Rock, paper, scissors with Tony Hawk

Mary of The XX Corp's 'Peak' team at The Summit, Dublin, 2013, interviews Evernote's Phil Libin

Mary of The XX Corp’s ‘Peak’ team at The Summit, Dublin, 2013 interviews Evernote’s Phil Libin

“Vision without execution is hallucination”
Thomas Edison

Social media

Achieving specific outcomes in social media can be challenging. Our team knows the best ways to develop and execute projects on Twitter, Facebook and a range of other social platforms. Our approach is to see the entire process as both a conversation and an important part of your overarching editorial and communications strategy.

We can help you with:

  • Messaging / lexicons
  • Industry studies
  • Positioning
  • Photography
  • Email communications
  • Website copy
  • Pop-up editorial teams
  • Video scripts / shooting
  • Investor pitch and presentation crafting
  • Media training
  • App descriptions
  • Speeches and panel discussion guides
  • Agenda topic / discussion panels
  • Social media support (brand tone)

Communication Training

We can’t underestimate the time and effort we put into communication training…
Liam Casey, CEO, PCH International

A sound observation. So, why is it that many startup and fledgling companies consistently get this wrong?

For a company to succeed it is critical to pay attention to effective communication.

Those who get this right stand a better chance of long term success.

My goal is not to fail fast. My goal is to succeed over the long run. They are not the same thing.
Marc Andreessen, Investor

Clearly, if you need to attract investors; you will not do so without effective communications.

The XX Corporation’s Lean Communications Training program will help you:

  • identify the biggest mistakes companies make in communicating
  • gain an understanding of how to choose the right platform for your message
  • develop an initial plan to audit and improve your communications

Those who will most benefit from this training will be:

  • CEOs/founders of startups
  • Startup team members
  • Those about to seek investment for their business

Courses will be tailored to the communication needs of our clients.

Contact us to see how we can help your business.

Sample training programme:

  • Honing your message
  • Structuring copy for clarity
  • The tricks you should use and the ones you should avoid
  • Picking your platforms
  • Working with teams to strengthen your message
  • Why bother with lean communication planning?
  • Where you are now and where you need to be
  • The quick and dirty audit
  • The importance of being able to tell your story well
  • Now, how did that make you feel?
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